Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun with Color Blocking

What is color blocking?
Creating a outfit using areas or blocks of solid color next to each other.

Just keep in mind while color blocking:
Don’t be shy to experiment using color blocking. Blue, green and white may not seem like they go together but trust me THEY GO TOGETHER.
  • Don't combine more than three to four colors (come on people, I shouldn't have to even tell you this). Who wants to look like a Rubik cube.
Try these color combinations:
  • Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • Chocolate Brown, Pink, Peach
  • Dark blue, bright pink, White
  • Coral, Grey, Ivory

My Trip to VEGAS!

I just came back from Las Vegas and I had so much fun. I've been to Vegas before but there is so much to see there and I am happy I had another chance to come. My favorite part of the trip was a show I saw which incorporated magic and comedy.  I also really enjoyed shopping at 'Fashion Show', a huge mall on the strip.

I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted (I was having too much fun).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Versace + H&M = Winning Pair

Starting November 17 and followed by another collection (to be sold online in select countries) January 19, 2012 Versace will be taking fashion to another (and quite afforable) level.  Donatella said in a statement, "I am thrilled to be collaborating with H&M and to have the opportunity of reaching their wide audience. The collection will be quintessential Versace, perfect for H&M and Versace fans everywhere."

Interestingly in 2008 Donatella declined working with H&M saying "I respect everyone who does [those types of lines]. But the reason I didn't do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand."  Fortunately for us she changed her mind.

A model wearing one of the looks from the collection.